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Acoustic (popcorn) Ceiling re-texturing and Painting

From what I am told the 70's were a great decade.  It brings back memories of bell bottoms, disco dancing, and ... Billy Beer?

But we don't want to be reminded of the 70's every time that we look at our ceilings.  At Kurtzbach Painting we understand this fact.  Somethings are better left in the past.  The same is true when wanting to get rid of Acoustic texture (popcorn) from off your ceiling.  We will gladly help you modernize your home bringing it into this century.  

Give us a call.  We will give you an estimate to scrap you ceilings, fix and patch any holes that are there, spray new texture, and then put a quality coat of paint over the top.  

TIP:  If you are going to have us scrape, re-texture, and paint your ceilings, why not take that opportunity to switch out old, outdated light fixtures, move an existing fixture, or re-run wires for a set of new speakers?  This is one of those rare times where you will be able to essentially start over and have a blank slate with your ceiling.  When we are done, you will never know what was there before! 

Old ceiling re-texturing and ceiling painting is something that we specialize in.  We have done this all over Washington and St. Croix County.  We service such areas as Stillwater MN, Woodbury MN, Maplewood MN, Oakdale MN, Hudson WI, New Richmond WI, Somerset WI, River Falls WI, and the surrounding areas.  

Please give us a call at 920-901-1685 and talk to Brandon.  He will come and give you a complete and fair estimate that will help get your ceiling a face lift.

Go from this ugly old ceiling texture
To beautiful new knockdown texture
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