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Why offering FREE HEPA air cleaning is important to me

Growing up, many of my friends and family members suffered from different allergies.  I saw how it negatively affected their lives, and this is something that I remember years later.  

Today having allergies has become even more common.  Young and old alike are suffering.  Some are able to combat household allergies by opening up the windows, however, since we live in the midwest, this is a temporary fix at best.  Others, sadly, due to their allergies this isn't even an option.  

My concern is that these sad conditions may make it so that people hold off painting their home, or are more concerned about the negative effects of the painting process.  Not only are there VOC's that off gas, but since our clients are getting ready to paint, they need to move a lot of furniture to get their house ready for us.  This can kick up a lot of dust and pet dander.  I wanted to do something, offer some type of service to my clients where I could help with that.  Free HEPA air cleaning is what I came up with.  

Even if you don't suffer from allergies this should still be important


Air pollution is to a large extent invisible in our day to day life.  Allergens are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Furthermore, many of the negative health effects of air pollution are accumulative, so that our health deteriorates gradually, often unnoticed from one day to the next.

But the health effects of breathing polluted air day in and day out are severe. Countless studies from around the world have shown how air pollution affects everyone from an unborn child to the elderly. Health effects range from learning disabilities to cardiovascular diseases, worsening of allergies and asthma, as well as premature death. The American Environmental Protection Agency considers indoor air pollution one of the top 5 health threats today. The ultra fine particles and gas pollution that is produced indoors and outdoors are so small that they pass through our body's natural defenses. Through our nose and lungs these toxins reach our blood stream and with that every part of our body.

*this information was taken from Allergy Cosmos.  Click here for the full article


1. dust

2. dust mites

3. mold

4. pollen 

5. animal dander

6. car exhaust

7.  VOC's found in household cleaning supplies, carpeting, plywood, craft materials, and paint.  

8. Secondhand smoke also affects indoor air. Confining secondhand smoke to one room is difficult. Instead, it can circulate within a building. Secondhand smoke can trigger asthma attacks in those who suffer from asthma.

How we can help protect your family and make your air quality safer

air scrubber.png

Our contractor-grade air scrubber clears the air fast and especially helps prevent problems for homeowners with asthma, allergies, or smell sensitivities.  

Our HEPA air scrubbers first draws air through 2 pre-filter designed to gather large particles, and to dissipate smells. The air then moves through a HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Controlling dust is critical when sanding drywall or doing other project that create dust.  Paint Fumes, stain and many top coats create fumes and odors that can be noxious for homeowners or workers in the space.

This means that we will take smells and dust with us.  We will leave your air as fresh as the walls and ceilings that we paint for you.


Why choose us to paint your home?

If you can't tell just by reading this, I am a contractor who cares about you and your families health.  No other painting contractor in our area has even thought about doing this!  And to offer this service for free?  That is truly unheard of. In addition to all of this, we also show concern for your home in the following ways:

1. We only use low to zero VOC paints.  This means less off gassing of harmful chemicals.   We also use high quality paints.  This means that you can go longer between paint jobs.

2.  We plastic everything off in your home.  Unlike most painters who bring in dusty old drop cloths.  We make sure that our plastic is new and clean.  Because of this, it will not hold any smells as we go from house to house, it is easier to clean up, and will keep you hard earned belongings safe from harm.   

3.  We take our garbage with us.  I know that this is something that you may think is obvious, but many contractors leave the garbage and it becomes your job to either get a dumpster, or slowly handle the dusty, dirty garbage and have it fill up your garbage can. 

4.  If all of this isn't enough, you are going to get a quality paint job from the best local painter.

Please give us a call today.  We would love to show you our high standards today!

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