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Why should I paint my ceiling?

Why did I choose such a seemingly boring picture?? Well, here is a ceiling that we painted last week. As I was talking to the homeowner they were debating if they should paint their ceilings or not. They thought they were fine.

Finally the decision was made. Go ahead and paint. This is the difference between the original paint job that was done 20+ years ago and what we gave to them. You will notice the one pass from our sprayer in the middle of the picture. You notice the wall color on the bottom of the picture. On the top you will see the old ceiling. It was yellowed and certainly showing its age. Now, let me bring your attention to the newly painted section. Do you notice how much brighter and more vibrate our ceiling is? They were amazed as to how fresh and bright it looked! What a great difference. They mentioned that they had no idea that there ceiling had aged so much.

To all of my friend reading this, please remember the importance of painting your ceilings. What a great way to update and freshen up your home. Call your friends at Kurtzbach Painting to help you with this.

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