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Full house repaint.

We were called by a past client and she bought a new house. It was in a shaded area and needed the walls to be a little lighter color to compensate for the shade. We were more then happy to help her with that. We repainted her ceilings as they hadn't been painted in 15 years. Many times people do not realize how there ceilings age, that is until you have them painted. Either way, It was time, we did it, and made a difference. It ended up that the ceilings were bright and beautiful. Our homeowner was amazed at the difference.

We didn't stop there! We then we painted the walls a little lighter then what was previously on them. We even took out a cabinet for them, and repaired the walls. This open the space up. The final outcome was amazing! We left the house lighter, brighter, and ready for the new owner to enjoy for years to come. We can do the same for you, give Kurtzbach Painting a call today

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