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A client of mine asked if I could come and paint the pillars that were located on the front of his house. When I got there I could see that there was a lot of flaking. I knew all of that needed to come off to give them the best final product possible. I started by pressure washing everything. This did a really nice job, however I could tell that there was still more work to be done. I then got out my trusty sander. We gave them a thorough sanding and scraping. As you can see from the 1st couple of pictures, a lot of debris came off. It was at this point that I had a decision to make. With every project I always try to give a 110%. This one was no exception. I have a concern that even know we did an excellent job prepping the surface, I did not want any thing to potentially flake in the future. There is a special primer that we have access to. It goes on milky white, it is very thick, and most importantly it shrinks when it dries. Why is that important? Because it shrinks it locks down any potential edge of a flake, or a chip. Making it so that it cannot come off. We did this for clients because we wanted to give them the best outcome possible. Please note in a couple of the pictures you will see that the wood has a milky white hue to it. We then caulked, and filled all the holes and cracks. Then we applied 2 Coats of an excellent quality paint. You can see from the last couple of pictures that this really made the pillars look good. Have I drove away from the house, I felt great! We got it done before it was to cold. I know I went above and beyond, my client would appreciate it, and it would last a very long time. Give your friends at Kurtzbach Painting a call. When it comes to painting your house whether it the interior or exterior we will give your home the same quality and attention to detail that we did on this project

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