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First thing a customer sees

When owning a restaurant or a place of business the exterior is obviously one of the 1st things that people will see. As a customer is pulling into their parking space they will notice the safety bollards. Often times these "little soldiers" get Neglected. It may not look like much, but remember this is a reflection of you and your company.

Our dear friends at Brick and Bourbon restaurant in Maple Grove MN noticed that at there new location, there's could use a little face lift. You can see in the picture provided that They were obviously correct. We started by giving a thorough sanding to the metal on all sides.

Then we put on a primer that had rust inhibitors in it. This would act as a shield for anything trying to eat through the paint. You can see in the picture provided that we are ready to apply a couple coats of paint!

Notice the pictures of the completed bollards. We applied 3 coats of a DTM (Direct To Metal paint. This is a product specifically designed for metal surfaces) this will give these bollards a tough, long lasting, and beautiful finish.

Note how eye pleasing it is. And one of the best parts about it is the fact that since it is paint, you can have it be the company colors and blend into the rest of the surroundings! This is a quick and cost effective solution to make the exterior of your building look inviting and uniformed.

Please give us a call today and ask how a couple of quick, and simple paint updates can keep your business looking modern and up to date.

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