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Can you paint a tile back splash?

Sometimes people want to give their kitchen a new look, but sometimes budget can affect what we will do. Here is one of my clients, who bought a new house. you can see a very distinctive looking back splash. It can cost thousands of dollars and create a big mess ripping things out and then reinstalling a new tile. All she wanted was for the tile to be one color.

This is where we stepped in! We talked and decided to paint it. After masking everything off so that we will not damage anything or get it dirty. We sanded the tile. Taking it from the bright and shiny surface, to something that is more dull, and will allow a product to stick to it.

Here we added a coat of a high quality bonding primer. This will give our paint something to really adhere to. But as you can see it will take a few coats to cover that bright red color.

Here we see after several coats of paint. The red is gone, we caulked where the tile meets the counter top. Giving it a smooth look. This was all done in one day, the mess was minimal, and she could use her kitchen right away! What a great idea to help make your kitchen look a little more modern and being done while staying in budget.

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